Why the Hype Around Paleo Foods and Weight Loss?

The Link between Weight Loss and Paleo Diet FoodsMost weight loss dieters are guilty of having attempted at least 5 fad diets. If not a diet consisting of a cruelly restricted eating regime then a sudden weight loss diet powder to be blended with either milk or water and taken once or twice a day in place of a meal.For some dieters losing weight is an ongoing battle, however with the Paleo diet foods eating plan, weight loss is a natural process with the added bonus of a healthier lifestyle and added vitality. Grain, dairy, legumes and all related products are excluded from the Pale diet food plan.Paleo foods or caveman foods were totally natural, organic, wild and seasonal, uncontaminated by preservatives, growth hormones, insecticides and the like. The caveman diet is the original diet designed by nature for the healthy development and care of mankind. The addition of chemicals, additives, flavour enhancers etc of modern day convenience foods results in disruption of the natural digestion and absorption of required nutrients. It is only since the advent of commercial farming, animal breeding and production of processed foods that excess gaining of weight appears to have become a problem and threat to human health.Besides being used for healthy weight loss, the Paleo diet foods plan has been successful in treating a number of modern day ailments such as type 2 diabetes, allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause, acne, arthritis and various other health disorders.Eating unprocessed natural foods that are low in carbohydrate is a natural path to healthy weight loss. It is merely reverting back to an eating plan that was intended for the human body. Considering that today we are still 99.9% genetically related to our caveman ancestors it surely stands to reason that the diet that afforded them a healthy and robust life is the diet that we should still be embracing. There is no record of obese or overweight cavemen.Firstly for the caveman to be able to eat there was no running down to the local supermarket refrigerator for convenience processed and pre-packed foods – it was lots of energetic foraging and hunting. Secondly the caveman was constantly hunting and gathering and therefore exercising. Initially when you set out on the Paleo eating plan with the change of diet you can expect a reasonable weight loss. There then could follow a levelling out or slowing down and it will take more effort eg exercising regularly and adequately. Weight loss will be regular and you can be assured that it will be fat and not muscle that you are losing. Excess fat is what we need to target and lose not muscle loss and with the Paleo diet plan it is exactly that which will be targeted.Yes, to a degree, calories need to be watched but if you are sensible and portions are reasonable the weight loss will come automatically and naturally. Paleo food diets or the caveman diet is so totally natural to our body on this diet you will feel content and satisfied and cravings for starchy, greasy and sweet foods diminish and eventually disappear. Suddenly you are controlling your eating habits naturally and you are now eating to live and not living to eat.No doubt you will have the odd gnawing hunger pang in between meals, mid-meal snacks are allowed just be sensible and have a snack from the Paleo foods list. The Paleo diet food plan is the intended eating regime designed by nature for the human body. On this plan your body will digest and metabolize the food to maximum efficiency.You find you that not only do you have more energy but you will be healthier, happier and slimmer.The weight loss and Paleo diet plan is your solution to long term maintenance of fitness, health and vitality.Good luck, enjoy – you will have no regrets!!For a full list of allowed foods see article headed Paelo Diet List.