Health and Fitness With Fire Pits

A key component to health and fitness is to simply get people off of the sofa. Even better, spending time in nature is conducive to achieving greater levels of fitness. So get outside, get active, and enjoy all that the green space surrounding your home has to offer.While spending time outdoors, it makes sense to eat there as well. You can prepare delicious and nutritious outdoor meals by using a fire pit. The pit allows you to cook healthful foods such as grilled meats and vegetables. And you can use either wood or charcoal with your pit, offering the flexibility of various cooking options.So, when you’re revamping your eating habits, why not throw in a few pit cooked recipes each week? Grill some chicken over the pit and arrange it over fresh greens for a delicious salad. If you wish to branch out from the grilling aspect of the pit, try traditional campfire foil packets. Take your meat of choice along with plenty of vegetables and place in a double layer of foil. Fold the foil to form a packet and crimp the edges securely. Place your foil packet upon the hot coals of your pit and toss a few coals on top of the packet. In less than a half hour, you should have a tasty, pit-cooked meal.Another healthy pit-cooking option is a play on the old campfire tradition of roasting wieners. Unfortunately, we no know that the wiener is not the healthiest of fare. But you don’t have to give up the roasting just because you forgo hot dogs. Try skewering veggies on a long stick, and roast the veggies. You can even add chicken or beef to this shish kabob for a heartier meal.Even if you’re on a diet, you can still enjoy a sweet, pit-cooked treat to end your meal. Try grilling a banana or some pineapple over the grill. Top the grilled fruit with a touch of honey-sweetened yogurt. Or on a cold night, warm some cider in a campfire pot for a deliciously toasty drink.With such tasty food coming forth from your fire pit, it will be easier than ever to reject fast food and other diet destroyers. Instead, enjoy time in nature, and savor the healthy taste of pit-cooked meals.