Solo Adventure Holidays

Adventure holidays are often associated with groups of people but this is actually a misconception. Many adventure holidays are actually geared towards solo travellers. These holidays can be great for individual people looking for adventure as the small group of people who are all likely in the same boat often become friends. Adventure holidays are a great way for a solo traveller to enjoy new and amazing experiences without feeling alone.Often lone travellers are more determined so are perfectly suited to trekking holidays such as the Inca trail. The Inca trail is a world famous trek. The traditional route to Machu Picchu is only 33km long but those 33km take 4 days of trekking spanning a journey through cloud forests, and over amazingly beautiful peaks highlighted by seeing ancient ruins built over 500 years ago as you make your way to the lost city of the Incas. The Machu Picchu was initially thought of as just a few rural buildings when it was discovered, but due to its scale and amazing crafting the location was likely a site of importance. There are many theories on the Machu Picchu’s purpose but when you see it for yourself you will be able to ponder your own theories.A benefit of a solo traveller travelling in an organised group of like minded people is that often it is easier to keep costs down. Simple things such as sharing a room if you stay somewhere as a group with someone of the same sex, can save you from paying a single person surcharge. Another benefit is safety, as nice as heading off into the wilderness sounds it is far better to know there are other people around you to help if you need it, such as in a worst case if you got injured.Trekking is one of those unique holiday activities that can be highly sociable. but when you want it you can savour the space and expanse to yourself and feel like you are the only person for miles. You are sure to return from your holiday invigorated and with a boost in self satisfaction and confidence at what you have achieved on your trip, having plenty of interesting tales and often a collection of new friends.