Exotic and Romantic Travel Hot Spots This Year

Relaxing with having a beach holiday is a kind of holiday that every loving heart wants to share with his/her partner. In our world there are many exotic destinations present that have already listed their name among romantic holiday destination. Cape Verde is the name that stands at the top slot among all the romantic destinations on earth. Not only the relaxing beaches rather there is another factor that has dragged many loving attention towards this place. Self-catering holiday accommodation is the thing that you would definitely love to share with your soul mate while on a holiday trip.In this charming country you can rent a holiday villa or self-catering apartment in an affordable manner. Cape Verde as a holiday location is just perfect for couples from all around the world. Many couple prefers to go for this awesome romantic destination on their honeymoon trip. This is a place, which is combined of small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Its tropical weather is just perfect for honeymoon couples to spend their time. Lots of entertaining activity and good food along with self-catering holiday accommodation with sun filled romantic beaches, what more you can expect as a honeymoon couple?Due to its location in Atlantic Ocean you can find some of the stunning and calm beaches where you can spend your time in a romantic environment. Cape Verde comprises of ten main islands and the key fact for you to know as a traveler is that those 10 islands have volcanoes. The tropical climate is just perfect for holiday lovers and many have mentioned it as the tropical paradise too. In winter the average temperature remains at 24 degree Celsius. This is the reason why tourist prefers to visit this place throughout the year. Warm tropical weather and low rainfall, these climatic conditions are really beneficial for a traveler who seeks to pay a visit with a partner.Cape Verde is just one of the many hot location spots this holiday season. You will be surprised at how many people are traveling and how much money they are saving when they go. When people travel one thing that they enjoy doing now is taking laptops and portable TV players with them. This really helps pass time and they can watch their favorite movies on the road and in the plane.